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Welcome to the Small World Initiative data repository โ€“ an online feature where students and instructors will record and share data with our extensive network of partners across the country. The Small World Initiative research course will generate immense amounts of data as we crowdsource the discovery of new antibiotics in an expansive ecosystem: the soil. To harness our synergy, we must meet on the same platform to actively communicate our research approaches, findings and insights. Together we will add to a growing body of scientific knowledge, which will help current and future research fellows enhance their research, learning, and teaching experience as we address a worldwide issue โ€“ the antibiotic crisis โ€“ and create the scientists of tomorrow.

The Small World Initiative is also a journey - so put on your goggles and gloves, and enjoy the ride! You have become part of a special opportunity to do authentic research alongside a wide community of young scientists who are eager to learn, discover, and tackle our world's challenges together.

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